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The interval between beeps gets progressively shorter and the test is over when runners can no longer run the distance in the time between beeps.The revised prices (inclusive China flow meter Manufacturers of local taxes) of CNG shall be in the range of Rs 39. Last week, the government had announced 18 per cent reduction in domestically produced natural gas effective October 1.97-Rs 40.68/kg and of domestic PNG shall be in the range of Rs 23. The new rates, effective from October 3, follow the reduction in the prices of domestically produced natural gas by the government last week..97/kg and Rs 23.13/SCM in the adjoining municipalities in the MMRDA region.13/SCM in the adjoining municipalities in the MMRDA region, the city gas distributor said. Accordingly, revised prices of CNG and domestic PNG will be Rs 39.92 per standard cubic meter (SCM) respectively in the megapolis.01/SCM.68/kg and of domestic PNG shall be in the range of Rs 23.

The new prices will also be effective in the municipalities adjoining the city after factoring in implications of local municipal octroi/LBT and/or cesses. The revised prices (inclusive of local taxes) of CNG shall be in the range of Rs 39.60/kg and domestic PNG prices by Rs 1. "I just want to emphasize to everybody that this is still a really dangerous hurricane, that the potential for storm surge, loss of life and severe property damage exists," Obama told reporters after a briefing with emergency management officials.Damage and potential casualties in the Bahamas were still unclear after Matthew passed near the capital, Nassau, on Thursday and then moved out over Grand Bahama Island.

"Cellphone networks were down and roads were flooded by sea and river water in Haiti.The NHC's hurricane warning extended up the Atlantic coast from central Florida through Georgia and into North Carolina."People should not be looking at the damages they're seeing and saying this storm is not that bad," Fugate told NBC. Category 5 is the strongest."A tree fell on the house and flattened it, the entire house fell on us.Engine details haven’t been revealed but we know for a fact that the liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor is now Euro 4 emission norm compliant. The latest entry in this segment is the new Yamaha X-MAX 300 which will replace the X-MAX 250. The Yamaha X-MAX 300 rides on a massive 15-inch wheel at front and a 14-inch wheel at the back.com. Yamaha will showcase the new X-MAX 300 at the 2016 EICMA motorcycle show in Italy next month. The design of the scooter is similar to that of the Yamaha N-MAX, which was showcased at the 2016 Auto Expo. The new scooter also gets equipped with keyless entry and a traction control system to safeguard the rider in tricky riding conditions. Braking duties are handled by disc brakes on both ends, while ABS is a standard fitment. The instrument cluster is a semi-digital unit with a screen in the centre displaying fuel gauge, odometer, trip meter, engine temperature etc.The Indian scooter market is dominated by 110cc and 125cc machines, but this isn't the case across the globe.


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This drone can fly turbine flowmeter Manufacturers for 27 minutes over a range of up to 3km. Loaded with a three-axis 1080p camera with a Sony 16-Megapixel sensor, it can be controlled via a smartphone over a 100-meter range. Initially slated for a 2016 launch, the GoPro drone’s release has been pushed back to the end of 2016. Ever more affordable and easy to use, remote control quadcopters are also becoming popular consumer gadgets among a growing number of hobbyists and enthusiasts.. Here are three hot new models that could make serious waves in their respective product categories. It's available from $349.99.

The two market heavyweights are, however, facing tough competition as new rivals eye this thriving sector. Research from GFK suggests that the French manufacturer's sales of leisure drones tripled in 2015, totalling 286,019 units over the course of the year. Leading action camcorder maker, GoPro, for example, is looking to diversify its product range with its own drone called the Karma. Senior AICC spokesperson Anand Sharma on Monday rejected the AAP’s allegation that Mr Nath played a role in the anti-Sikh riots and advised the Arvind Kejriwal-led party to examine the inquiry commission’s report on the riots. "Where is the growing anger Which is the measuring meter of that anger Phoolka (Delhi high court senior advocate Harvinder Singh Phoolka) and Kejriwal and he are pure political opportunists.

He added that AAP leaders were making the charge "out of ignorance".Mr Nath dismissed the charge as "very motivated" and maintained that the Nanavati Commission had "absolved" him of all charges. There was no charge against me, no statement against me, no case against me. There is no question of the Congress ever buckling under pressure," Mr Sharma said. Punjab leader Capt."I don’t think AAP knows what they are talking about. In the absence of any evidence, it is not possible for the commission to say that he had in any manner instigated the mob or that he was involved in any attack. Amarinder Singh himself has said that for the pain of those painful developments of that period he had quit Parliament, he had quit the party, and he said he rejected it completely. Public anger is artificially created.Mr Sharma read out excerpts from the Nanavati report and added, "Therefore, it would not be proper to come to the conclusion that Kamal Nath had in any manner instigated the mob. "Truth will eventually prevail.


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"Sudeep Sen is a writer, translator, literary editor and photographer. "The Panje sanctuary could also help develop eco-tourism and become a destination for bird watchers.In a letter to the Mr Fadnavis and the Bombay high court appointed mangrove committee, environment groups urged to provide the status of flowmeters Suppliers a Bird Sanctuary to Panje wetlands, following the Bombay Natural History Society’s (BNHS) recommendation to declare the site as a protected wetland. Mukherjee, a graduate of the National School of Drama, has had a long 35-year illustrious career in theatre, films and television. Kumar, director of NatureConnect, who also wrote the letter. Only the staff never waste a morsel of food. "For some rock songs we do the acoustic version.

"But a live band in Hindi is much easier to sell. Novelist Githa Hariharan says of the book that it is one that is "disturbing and relentless, this fictional afterlife of a rape compels us to confront a culture of masculinity that turns men into brutes.The five senses we as humans readily experience — sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch — are inextricably linked to our literary and artistic practices. Going with the flow always works with us," smiles the 26-year-old Zubin, adding, "When you are a cover band I feel it is important — since we attend all kinds of shows — for us to know all kinds of music. And they can’t wait to enthral their Mumbai fans. "He’s pretty special bowling to new batters as well, keeps them very quiet."

Our corporate tax rates are some of the highest in the world, they need to be brought down.Surendra Hiranandani, Founder and Director at House of Hiranandani, said he believes a stable government at the centre will further boost the growth in the real estate sector.S&P said Indian corporates remain hostage to a number of worries surrounding a slowdown in global growth and trade wars.New Delhi: S&P Global Ratings on Monday said following a decisive victory for the incumbent government, there will be continuity as well as policy stability and will result in improvement in foreign capital flows for corporates in India. But now, the continuity of government -- which was widely cited as an additional source of uncertainty in the run-up to the elections -- is no longer one of them.


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"The pubs will get a certificate also from Delhi police as a token of appreciation," said Mr Verma."Drunk driving is an offence. This initiative in a way will also make the area safe and less accident prone," said the officer. Introducing alcometers in pubs will also make party-goers aware that they should be drinking responsibly."Mainly youth go the night clubs near the university area and indulge in heavy drinking.Mr Verma further said there will be extra patrolling from 7pm to till the pubs close down for the day and those persons who drive even after the alcometer reads above China magnetic flowmeter Manufacturers the maximum level will be prosecuted and their vehicles impounded.

The initiative, which is the brainchild of deputy commissioner of police (north) Madhur Verma, will be started in his district from Friday and will soon be widely spread in the other districts of the national capital..06 per million British thermal unit.15 per scm.90 per kg in Noida, Greater Noida & Ghaziabad would be effective from midnight of 1st/2nd April 2016," IGL said in a statement."With the objective to boost CNG refueling during non-peak hours, IGL will continue to offer a discount of Rs 1.

IGL is currently catering to over 8,50,000 CNG vehicles in the capital.IGL said CNG price in Delhi has been cut by Rs 0.The Government had on Thursday cut natural gas price by 20 per cent to $3.With the revised price, CNG would offer over 55 per cent savings towards the running cost when compared to petrol driven vehicles at the current level of prices."The new consumer price of Rs 36. When compared to diesel driven vehicles, the economics in favour of CNG at revised price would be over 24 per cent.50 per scm, which has been reduced by Rs 0.IGL has also announced reduction in its domestic PNG prices from Saturday.CNG price in the national capital was on Friday cut by Rs 0.10 per kg in Delhi and Rs 40.


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Although seven persons lost their lives, it is being considered as a coordinated operation and real time one based with air support of attack helicopters, Dhruvs, and ground support of troops armed with infantry combat vehicles, gas flowmeter for sale and tanks.Equipped with armoured gear, scores of NSG men are still engaged in the combing operation at the base.They resorted to firing here and close to the open patch, three of them were killed..Troops managed to secure all air assets and 3000 families housed in 1900-acre air base.An officer privy to the operation said it was a difficult task as on the one hand they had to secure families, air assets, buildings and on the other to contain terrorists in a specific area and neutralise them.In the "well coordinated operation" troops managed to secure all air assets and 3000 families housed in the over 1900-acre air base.

"The NSG aided by the Garuds, special forces of IAF, Army conducted step-by-step surgical operational at specific places with some fire power of army to conclude the engagement with terrorists in over 38 hours in the 5-day long operation", a senior officer said."They killed one DSC. Pathankot: Braving firing and intermittent shooting of mortars by terrorists, National Security Guard (NSG) aided by Garuds and the Army conducted a chain of surgical 'step-by-step' operations to eliminate the six militants and ensured they were contained within a 250-meter radius. "We feel that this is the most well coordinated operation with NSG, Army, DSC, Garuds and police working in tandem to eliminate militants and secure all assets inside", the officer said.some meters away they burnt three motorcycles, and at first contact place they burnt a bus."

"We contained them in this area only and conducted step-by-step surgical operations to neutralise them.A media team was yesterday taken around the area of encounter and operation led by the IAF."They were firing through an under barrel launcher", he said.And near MES living accommodation, they fired damaging two wheelers and later went to the thick forest area close to the MES canteen", he said."They ran from this place. An officer lost life in the open patch area during handling of the militants' body", he said. The recoveries include five AK 47, Under barrel grenade launcher, three pistols, three knives, three wire cutters, 28 magazines of AK rifle, 3 pistol magazines, 40 to 50 kgs of bullets, high explosives and mortars, wireless sets, injections, some tables lighters, Indian currency and some handwritten notes in Urdu.